Brassneck opened on October 2nd 2013. We’re a little neighbourhood brewery with a Growler Shop & Tasting Room servicing the good people of Mount Pleasant & the surrounding area. We like to keep things simple. We just serve the beer we brew here on site & the snacks we create at our sister restaurant, The Magnet.

Our brewing philosophy is also very straight forward. We like to experiment, not take ourselves too seriously and constantly try new things. The result is a busy, ever changing chalk board, full of choices showcasing a mixture of tried & true “dangerously drinkable” beers, Nano sized experiments & lesser known styles from all over Europe & North America.

We have no grand plans to take over the world. For now, we have very limited distribution outside of the Brewery. No bottles. Just a handful of kegs. Growlers & cans to go from our retail store & beers to stay in our on-site tasting room. We keep the batches really small, which in turn keeps the beer just about as fresh as a daisy! We’d like to point out too, its not ‘cause we’re precious, or because we’re trying to be fuss pots. It’s just so that we can have as many options as possible at the Brewery for those who make the journey to Main & 6th. That’s not to say we won’t have more kegs & bottles in the future. As our production capabilities increase, we may end up being able to expand distribution a little. Baby steps though, baby steps.

All you need to know about the founders of Brassneck is that we love beer. Sure, everybody who starts a brewery claims they just “lurvs beer”, but honestly, for reals, we’re in love. Truly. Madly. Deeply.

The Brassneck Brewery is the culmination of experience & creative input from friends old & new. We’d love to tell you all about these collaborators if you would be so kind as to read on:

JOSEPH HOLMES PETERS – Our woodworker & so much more. Joe keeps himself to himself out in Mission. His influence is everywhere in our place. He basically “placed” just about every piece of wood you see in our scrap wall. There’s pieces of his barn in the walls & so much of his heart & soul all around the ole joint.

MAGGIE BOYD – An old friend & co-worker at our other location, the Alibi Room. She’s responsible for those weird & wonderful drawings that we love so much. She’s also one of the most incredibly talented souls you’ll ever meet. (funny too…like where does she come up with this shit funny)

POST PROJECTS – Alex Nelson & Beau House. The Ying to Maggie’s Yang when it comes to our branding & design. Serious dudes. We have much to be grateful for & continue to collaborate with these guys as they continue to help us evolve our brand.

MARKO SIMCIC & BILL UHRICH (SUA) – Our architects. Holy smokes did we luck out with these guys. Brassneck was their very FIRST project as they combined 37 years of experience to go out on their own. Before they even had an office they took us on as clients & were a pleasure to work with from day one. They listened to our ideas, no matter how terrible. Weeded out the really wacky stuff, reigned in the good ideas & turned them into workable design solutions. We owe much of the unique “form” of Brassneck to these guys, as well as some great material choices & thousands of other intangibles.

CAM JOHNSON & THE HARMONY PACIFIC CREW – Breweries take a long time to build. Like, pound yer head against the wall, is this actually EVER going to happen long. You need a contractor worth their weight in gold. Cam & Harmony were exactly this. Patience, precision, commitment, skill & a work ethic that went above & beyond anything we expected. These guys are the best at what they do. Family now.
We’re very fond of all the people who helped us create Brassneck.

Oh! the other people we’re really quite fond of, is YOU.
We make the beer.
You make the culture.
Together we have a love child.
Beer Culture.
And our baby is thriving here in Vancouver BC. We are proud parents (and so should you be!)

Photography by Vishal Marapon and Lucas Finlay.
All illustrations are by Maggie Boyd except where noted otherwise.
Website by Post Projects & Artiom Shostak