COVID UPDATE – Yes! We are currently filling growlers with enhanced sterilization protocols in place.

For those of you who are new to the growler shop, we’d like to offer you a brief breakdown of the system. We tried our very best to create an efficient, streamlined filling process to make picking up a growler as quick & painless as possible.

First, check the boards for today’s fills. Next, if you didn’t bring a bottle, you need to pick one of ours off the shelf.

We have 3 growler sizes:
473ml – $3.00
1 Litre – $5.00
1.9 Litre – $7.00
(Above prices are for the bottle only & do not include the Fill price).

We fill bottles from any other brewery as long as it’s a size we have a listing for.

The Fill prices vary depending on the beer.

Once you’ve picked a bottle, you should head on over to the counter. If there is something you like the sound of, but are unsure if you’ll like the taste, our servers will be more than happy to offer you a small “try before you buy” sample, just so you can be confident in your decision. So, you’ve picked the bottle size & design you want, you’ve sampled a couple of things to figure out what you’d like to take home the servers will take care of the rest.

Our bottles are filled using our own custom designed system. Our fillers utilize a home brewer’s tool called a “Blichmann Gun”. With some clever engineering, our bottle fillers are connected directly to our Conditioning Tanks, making our fills very fresh. We also purge the oxygen from the bottles which makes for a longer lasting, better quality fill. (not that the beer is gonna stick around too long in your fridge, but at least you have peace of mind that we’re doing whatever we can to ensure your beer will be as fresh as possible).