We try to have a real good spread of lots of different styles on tap in the tasting room. We usually run with about 12 different taps pouring anything from hazy IPAs to lagers & pilsners, fruity tart brews, barrel aged beers, foudre aged farmhouse ales, dark ales, light ales, classic styles, we’d like to think we cover the full gamut.

We have a wide range of snacks available all made at our sister restaurant the Magnet, all designed to go real nice with beer. (please hit FOOD BY MAGNET in the menu to see todays selection)

We don’t take private bookings or reservations. We like to be consistent & reliable for the fine folks who make the journey along Main Street to hang out in the tasting room.


We have spread out our seating & installed barriers between tables.

Groups larger than six people are strictly prohibited (sorry no, we cannot split your group of eight into two tables of four – or any other configuration, please don’t ask & put us in the awful position of having to say no to you & your lovely crew).

We are operating under the assumption that our patrons understand the public health orders.

Please only sit with those in your immediate household or if you live alone, immediate bubble.

We also ask that you extend kindness & the benefit of the doubt to your fellow patrons & do not make assumptions about the situations of others. Having said this, if you are concerned about the behavior of a fellow patron or group of patrons, please express your concerns to a staff member rather than approaching the person or people in question. We’d really appreciate that.

Please use a mask when moving around the tasting room ie when using the washroom, entering & exiting.

Please understand that whilst we are doing everything we can to keep people safe we cannot eliminate all of the risk associated with eating & drinking outside of your home.

Tasting Room Beer List

Collaboration with Brasserie Isle De Garde. English Style Pale Ale
Hazy Pale Ale Hopped With Citra & Idaho-7
Classic West Coast IPA
Tart Wild Ale w/ cranberries and Raspberries***
Barrel Aged Porter***
Traditional English Mild
Amber Ale
Foudre Conditioned Farmhouse Saison***
Collaboration IPA Brewed With Derrick Franche & Tony Dewald
Euro-Style Pilsner
Dry Hopped Pale Ale
Five Grain Bavarian Style Wheat Beer
Small: 5oz - $3 + tax / Medium: 12oz- $6 + tax / Large: 20oz - $7.75 + tax / ***Large: 16oz - $7.75 + tax / Brassbat: 4x5oz - $9.50 + tax / Dominion Cider: $9.50 + tax / Fancy Pop: $3.50 / Ginger Ale: $2.50