Tasting Room

We have a tiny 50 person capacity tasting room, and operate on a strict first come first served basis. It’s the only fair way to do things.

We like to be very upfront about our limitations. We are NOT the ideal place for large groups. We recommend groups of six or less. There are quieter times. For example 2-4pm, Monday through Friday or Noon-3pm Saturday & Sunday. If you do have a large group (6+) these are great times to visit.

Sometimes you may come by and be greeted with the request that you don’t wait. This does not mean we don’t love you. It does not mean we don’t greatly appreciate you coming to our brewery. It also doesn’t mean we think you’re funny lookin’. What it does mean is that the place is full, we already have people waiting and we do not want to waste any of your precious drinking time. So, rather than ask you to wait, we make some suggestions of other great places in the neighbourhood that may be able to accommodate you.

Other Tasting Room info:

We usually have a different food truck out front Monday-Sunday 5:30-8:30pm. The idea is that you order outside & bring it on inside.

We have some delicious pepperoni’s from Oyama Sausage & some snacks from East Side Beer Food. We also sell jerky from The Jerky Baron. (Something salty & spicy to go with your beers).

We serve 6oz glasses of beer at $2.50 each
We serve 12oz glasses of beer at $5.00 each
Flights of four 6oz beers are $8.00
(prices do NOT include tax)

We don’t take private bookings. We like to be consistent & reliable for the fine folks who make the journey along Main Street to hang out in the tasting room. We may occasionally have special events. And when we say occasionally, we mean once or twice per year.