Blichmanns Finger

FIRST BREWED: September 2013

From our “Don’t Think Too Hard, Just Drink, It’s A Bloody Golden Ale” series, the Blichmann’s Finger has arrived.

English malts (Golden Promise), Belgian “Ardennes” Yeast & usually Australian or New Zealand hops make up the genetics of this beer.

Story time!

You may have noticed our custom growler fillers out front utilizing the “Blichmann Gun”. A home brewer’s tool used for bottling.

Well, not too long after we opened Brassneck, due to copious amounts of growler filling we all started to suffer symptoms of something we coined “Blichmann’s Finger”. A painless, yet awkward condition whereby the fingers retreat into unstraightenable (we know that’s not a real word) curly little digits. Only by drinking a Brew Master recommended dose of 64 Fluid Ounces per day of his Golden Ale could the affliction be cured, & the fingers once again be straight.

Hence the name “Blichmann’s Finger”.