Hey! We’ve got a new one for ya.
Brand new hop? CHECK!
Hazy? CHECK!
Delicious? CHECK!
We got our hands on some “Bru-1” hops. We’ve never used them before, so we decided to do a single hop pale ale to see what they’re made of.
Results are very pleasing.
Real pungent hits of stewed pineapple on the nose during fermentation. The pineappliness (that’s totally a real word) has remained a feature throughout the cellaring process, though now a little more subdued.
Suffonsificaton is a single hopped, easy going hazy american pale ale, with mellow bitterness & hints tropical fruit.
Go on! Suffonsify your taste buds.

PS -Not sure what Suffonsify means? Ask your granny or gramps!
It’s a word that may not have been used for the past couple of centuries.