Collaboration Brew – friends don’t let friends

FIRST BREWED: August 2013

“Friends don’t let friends”
Dessert sour with blackberries and ruhbarb. Done with our buddies at Luppulo!
June 2018

“MConrad vs Cowboy Dan”

Fresh hopped Belgian Pale Ale brewed in Collaboration with Cowboy Dan, assistant brewer at Parallel 49 Brewing.

“Attention Seeker”

Session CDA brewed with Ben Love of Gigantic Brewing.

“Young Bastard”

English Mild brewed with Takeshi of Steamworks Brew Pub

“Cold War”

Barrel Aged Baltic Porter brewed with Brent Mills of Four Winds Brewing.

“Fire Walker”

Smoked Porter Brewed with Cailen of  Steamworks Brewing.

“Cereal Killa”

Captain Crunch Stout brewed with Graham With of Parallel 49.


Brewed with Ben of Occidental Brewing.


Brewed in collaboration with the BC Beer Awards & VanBrewers.

“Scott’s Brown”

Brown Porter brewed by Scott Butchart in collaboration with VanBrewers.