FIRST BREWED: October 2016

Once upon a time two chaps who work at Brassneck Brewery, Jeffrey & Nigel found themselves at an illustrious Banquet held by the Chef’s Table Society of British Columbia featuring superstar chef’s from across the land pairing their incredible creations with the finest libations available to mankind.

(Okay, okay, it was actually some food trucks in a parking lot serving some good grub & some decent booze).

Never mind the setting. What is important, is the revelation. Something new on offer. A delicious hybrid beverage combination the world had never before tried: Horchata Cold Brew Coffee! Can you imagine?

It was quite the taste sensation. They were feeling inspired.

“The similarity between Cold Brew Coffee & Stout is striking” Exclaimed Jeffrey.

“What if, just what if…!” mused Nigel “We could find out what it takes to make authentic, great tasting, horchata & combine those ingredients with a delicious stout”??

“Ooooh! Ooooh!” Squealed Jeffrey with excitement “We could use some really interesting specialty malts like rice, wheat & golden oats. That would really make for some unique flavours! And let’s back up the body with a little sweetness…hmmm…THAT’S IT! We’ll add lactose, also known as milk sugar, to give it that creamy satisfying sweetness we experienced with that Horchata Cold Brew. Now if only we knew the key ingredients to a tasty horchata…”.

They set about finding out who was behind this wonderful marriage of deliciousness. It was discovered the good folks over at Kafka’s Cafe on Main Street & the Mexican Maestro’s at local favourite Sal Y Limon had got their noggins together to create this Horchata Cold Brew. They were kind enough to share their recipe secrets, even going so far as make a little cold brew to add for a subtle hint of coffee.

Jeffrey & Nigel returned to the brewery, triumphant with an incredible new beer idea.

“Fantasmagoria” was born. We think it’s gonna be a hit.

(Also, they all lived happily ever after).