Concentration Face

FIRST BREWED: October 2017

“Maximizing your bio-transfer” does not refer to something your Grandpa might be working on when you see him taking the newspaper into the bathroom. No siree Bob.
It’s about getting the most out of your hops, which is something you need to get real good at if you’re gonna make a worth while contribution to the amazing range of hazy IPA’s already available.
Well, we think we’re gettin’ it. Inspired by our esteemed counterparts in Greater Vancouver, we believe “Concentration Face” is not only a worthy addition to Brassneck’s ever evolving range of hazy IPA’s but also to the many great hazy IPA’s out there.
Oats in the mash, late hop additions & dry hopping with copious amounts of Denali & a smattering of citra make for a juicy pineapple bomb with a touch of citrus.