Unconventional Wisdom


Cold IPA? What’s that supposed to mean? Isn’t my IPA always cold? (unless I’m a lifelong CAMRA UK member & I like me pints pulled on a proper beer engine & about the same temp as I like me baths…WARM!)

Please allow us to explain…A Cold IPA is an IPA fermented cold & slow with a lager yeast. Why? For a nice, clean, dry crispy, hoppy flavour without any pesky fruity yeasty esters getting in the way! (don’t get us wrong, we are fans of those big ol’ fruity ale yeast strains too, we just understand why some folks prefer this method)

We used two New Zealand hop varieties, Nelson Sauvin & Riwaka. What you end up with is a West Coast-esque IPA heavy on the crispy, snappy freshness.