Spirit of DIXmas

FIRST BREWED: November 2013

You may or may not know that our brew system was from the legendary brew pub DIX.

Former brewmasters Derrick Franche & Tony Dewald put DIX on the map for its killer IPA.

If you can believe it 20+ years ago, IPA’s really were not that much of a thing here, in Vancouver. It took some big ole hoppy kahounas to brew a bold mega IPA.

We asked them if they would brew the IPA to the original DIX specs, on the original DIX system, here at Brassneck.

They agreed. The beer was awesome. So good in fact, we asked them to brew it every December, cause ya know what?? Traditions are a fine thing.

So, if you need a break from those new fangled, hazy, hoppy-not-hoppy, fruity petuity creations & you crave a little old school bitter blastin for your taste buds, look no further, what you need is a glass of DIX…