This page is a list of all the beers we've ever made here at Brassneck. If you'd like to find out a little more about each beer, just click.

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Wind Wand

ANZA Machine

Fundoshi Fresh

Die Frische

Margarita Monday


Spatial Awareness

Laissez Faire


Jiggery Pokery

The Weather In Space

Soft Water City

Chufty Badge

Stealth Mode


When Life Gives You Yuzus

Willful Suspension


Zero Visibility

Bjørn Like This


De La Twang

Collab with the lovely fellas from Ile Sauvage, in Victoria.
Dry Hopped Sour using Ile Sauvage lacto.

note to self

Made this hazy with overly generous additions of SABRO hops for that delicate coconutty feeling.


Show your thirst who’s in control with our super quaffable, zesty Gose.

Joe’s Ukulele

You’re Amazing. No, You’re Amazing.

Tart Passionfruit Wild Ale brewed with our good friends Luppolo Brewing


Raspberry Changeling

Flute Solo

Where’s The Remote?

Rosé Changeling

Tamarind Man

Earthshine Refractor

Peel Sessions

Experimental hazy with Orange Peel

Five O’Clock Shadow

Toasty, Roasty, Silky Oatmeal Stout

The Yabba

Jeff’s latest masterpiece (he even named this one).
Its one of them tharr big ass IPA’s this time hopped with Vic Secret & El Dorado hops.
We went with a nice clean malt bill. Particularly notable the omission of oats, which are usually a staple in this style of beer. We just wanted to keep things simple, let the hops shine & try to avoid any potential flabbiness.
Yes, it’s hazy but it aint soft. Good amount of bitterness. Good amount of dryness & more hops than you can shake a stick at.
Question for ya though: Are you one of the other 4 film nerds on planet earth who’ve seen “Wake in Fright”? Yeah mate? Okay, then you probably get the “Yabba” reference for a beer with tasty Aussie hops.

The Normalizer

Fermented cold & very slow, this lager is brewed using specialty Pilsner, Vienna, Munich & Rye Malts of the highest quality generously hopped with Hallertau Mittelfruh.


We created a nice funky base beer using a mixed culture blend & brett primary fermentation. Added some fresh cranberries for some extra twang & threw in some raspberries to counter said twang. It’s pleasantly tart, with a little bit of sweetness.

Whirley Whirley

What the frick is a Whirley Whirley??
You know those Aussies. They like to give things silly nicknames with an “ey” on the end.
This one happens to be the nickname of a Dust Devil or Mini Tornado.
Anyway, we thought it an appropriate name for a big juicy, mega hoppy hazy IPA featuring those awesome Aussie hops, Vic’s Secret. We also added some rye to the mash for a little added spiciness.

Remember Me?

Classic West Coast DIPA with Citra Cryo, Columbus & Idaho 7 hops.
Bright as button – that’s right, NO HAZE! Good, clean hoppy IPA with a dry, lingering bitterness.
**2nd batch released Jan 2019 is brewed with Denali & Bru-1 hops


Who doesn’t like pastry stouts?? (don’t answer that…)
This is not the most serious of beers but we sure did try our damndest to make it sweet n delicious.
Heavy duty grist backed up with a supporting cast of toasted coconut, chocolate & lactose.
Came out heavy but goes down easy.

Alles Klar?

Classic Helles with a subtle twist – a very light dose of dry hopping with Mandarina Bavaria.

Pinky Promise

Delicious strong Saison brewed at Brassneck with our good friends from the much revered, impossible to imitate, Dageraad brewing. We added some Sumac & Pink Peppercorns to accentuate naturally occurring Saison-y goodness.

A Thousand Times, Yes

We took our time with this one. Our 1000th batch brewed a while ago.
It’s a mixed culture wild ale we stashed & barreled until the time was right to release it into the wild.
Pleasantly tart, gently funkalicious & complex with hints of vanilla & stone fruit.

C – What We Did There?

Centennial, Citra, Columbus and Cascade, the most unloved of hops. The underdogs, unsung heroes, forgotten comrades. Well, not according to us.
Its not that we have anything against all those tropical fruity hop varieties showing up in every hazy beer from here to Timbuktu. It’s just, ya know, too much of a good thing n all that.
We like to see the old standards, the tried & true given their fair chance to show us what they can do.
Go ahead C-hops, strut your stuff!


Super Ultra Mega Dry IPA brewed with a heavy hand during dry hopping.


Mixed culture, aged Brett Saison.

Red Currant Changling

We use the same base beer as all the changelings.
We used red currants from the Fraser Valley.
Get it, changeling!…(Cuz we change
the fruit up a lot.)

Friends Don’t Let Friends

Dessert Sour with Rhubarb, Blackberries, Lactose & Vanilla.


Hey guys. We’ve got another one for ya! We’ve been busy dialing in our hazy voodoo. This one’s got some jam on it’s jammy bits that’s for sure.
Spelt & oats in the mash for a nice creamy body, copiously ludicrously obscene amounts of dry hopping with Denali, Mosaic & Citra give you all the ingredients for a very satisfying IPA experience.
As the dolphins will say some day, “So long & thanks for all the fish”.


Hey! We’ve got a new one for ya.
Brand new hop? CHECK!
Hazy? CHECK!
Delicious? CHECK!
We got our hands on some “Bru-1” hops. We’ve never used them before, so we decided to do a single hop pale ale to see what they’re made of.
Results are very pleasing.
Real pungent hits of stewed pineapple on the nose during fermentation. The pineappliness (that’s totally a real word) has remained a feature throughout the cellaring process, though now a little more subdued.
Suffonsificaton is a single hopped, easy going hazy american pale ale, with mellow bitterness & hints tropical fruit.
Go on! Suffonsify your taste buds.

PS -Not sure what Suffonsify means? Ask your granny or gramps!
It’s a word that may not have been used for the past couple of centuries.


Dry Hopped Sour with Citra & Galaxy hops


Berliner Weisse

Faux Naive

Our first experiment using a custom yeast blend from Bootleg Biology – (google it if you wanna nerd out. they do cool stuff!!) & a true mixed fermentation creation.
Tart, citrus-y & funktastic with a solid level of twang.

Double Negative

It’s not not a double IPA.

Silent Treatment

Classic style brewed with quality malts, fermented with lager yeast at ale-ish temperatures for a longer time than an ale, but for a shorter time than a lager. Clean, malty, a wee bit fruity & nice n dry.


S’bin a while since we came up with a new beer so we’re pleased to put this one out into the world.
Akin to the Magician’s Assistant but with a little more umph.
More dry hopping & a little more pucker, Bejazzled really gets yer gleekers gleekin at first but then settles into a nice easy going sour. Those Denali hops too, so awesome. Very resinous with big ol’ hits of pineapple & citrus.

Concentration Face

“Maximizing your bio-transfer” does not refer to something your Grandpa might be working on when you see him taking the newspaper into the bathroom. No siree Bob.
It’s about getting the most out of your hops, which is something you need to get real good at if you’re gonna make a worth while contribution to the amazing range of hazy IPA’s already available.
Well, we think we’re gettin’ it. Inspired by our esteemed counterparts in Greater Vancouver, we believe “Concentration Face” is not only a worthy addition to Brassneck’s ever evolving range of hazy IPA’s but also to the many great hazy IPA’s out there.
Oats in the mash, late hop additions & dry hopping with copious amounts of Denali & a smattering of citra make for a juicy pineapple bomb with a touch of citrus.

The Once-Ler

SMaSH Farmhouse ale with golden Promise and El Dorado hops.

Inertia III

This time we took our imperial stout & aged it in Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrels.
We love how it turned out. Hope you do too.


Tweak , tweak & tweak some more. That’s been our m.o. when creating our range of hazy IPA’s.
They’re a tough style to master but we feel like we’ve really found our Superflu…errr stride.
The Synesthesiac is our third hazy IPA.
A little more approachable on the booze content with lots more oats, a different yeast & Eldorado hops. That’s what sets this one apart from it’s predecessors.
We’re not going to throw all our eggs in one basket with this style, but we’re small & versatile enough to keep experimenting with our hazy beer selection.

Fair Weather Friend

Little hazy, IPA.
What is it about “session ipa” we just can’t get our heads around? Not sure, but it’s just not a term we’re entirely comfortable with so we toiled for weeks over a style descriptor “small ipa” “shrimpy ipa” “baby ipa” “puny ipa” “minature ipa” “poundable ipa” “mini ipa” “titchy ipa” “micro ipa” “watered down version of an IPA” “Drink All Day & Don’t Get Drunk IPA”. Finally we settled on “little ipa”. Cute right?
One more thing, it’s hazy too.
We used Idaho 7 Hop Hash + Conan & Sach.B in this guy.**
**(if this is gibberish to you, count yourself lucky you only care that it tastes delish – if this makes perfect sense to you, now you know why it tastes delish).

Touchy Feely

We think the words of Tjinder Singh best sum up this beer:
“Been a long journey, long, long times,
Many roads we couldn’t climb.
But once again, the name of the game is funky
And it’s funky again.
Seems like the funky days are back again,
Funky with a “Y” and it’s back again and back again.”

It’s a brettanomyces bruxellensis fermented pale ale, hopped with Amarillo & Sorachi Ace and, YES its F-U-N-K-Y!

For the three people who remember Cornershop from the nineties……’re welcome.


Canada’s first Trans-Coastal style IPA!
Wanna know why its the first…?
Well that’s cause we totally just made up the style. There was no such thing ten minutes ago, but then we made this post, so now there is.
What the hell is a Trans-Coastal style IPA you ask? Duuh, it means it’s a….like a…sorta like a New England, East Coast IPa with this extra kinda umm, west coast IPA-ified-ness. So much East Coast IPA-ness that you can’t call it an IPA in case somebody thinks it’s actually too much of a west coast IPA to be a true IPA at all. It’s coastally confused.
It’s got the hazy juicy-ness of an east coast ipa with the punchy fruity bitterness of a west coast ipa.
Awww fuck it, just drink it and shuddup.

Joe’s Banjo

Tart saison.
It’s a riff on Joe’s Barn.
True mixed fermentation beer with lacto & brett.
Twang-a-lang-lang…-lang-lang…lang-lang…laaaaaaaang – (think Deliverance)
Tarter & Twangier than a twangy tart thing on international tart things are twangier today day.

Rocket Surgery

Brassneck X Dageraad Collab – Belgian style tripel with Brettanomyces Lambicus secondary fermentation.
Look out for the bottle conditioned version coming December 2017.
(will age well… like you could put one away in your cellar to crack when Trump gets ousted & it will still be delicious)

Bjørn Again

Bjorn Yesterday showed us what the Norwegian “Kviek” Yeast brings to the table.
It was the blueprint for this beer.
We dry hopped the (kinda boring) blueprint Norwegian Farmhouse Ale they like to call “Bjorn Yesterday” with West Coast hops, changed up the malt bill a little & Bobs yer uncle, Fanny’s yer aunt, a Brassneck classic. A thirst quenching beauty exploding with the virtues of Mosaic, Amarillo & Citra hops.
Should’ve called it Bjorn Again…and again…and again…and again…and again….and again……and again……

Field House x Brassneck Collab

Bjørn Yesterday

Simple Farmhouse ale brewed with Norwegian “Kviek” yeast.
This beer was an experiment to showcase this awesome hot new yeast we have recently discovered.
And when we say HOT we mean Haaaaawt!!! ((We fermented at 40oC (thats H-O-T!))
This yeast goes crazy. With a simple malt base & a modest hop addition, we really got a sense of what this yeast is all about.
Watch this space for more beers using KVIEK…


Well, it took us a minute but we finally jumped on the bandwagon & made a hazy IPA.
Tons of late addition hops + dry hopping at multiple stages give this beer that big juicy hop character you’re looking for without the bitterness of conventional IPA’s.
Hurry down to the brewery before it becomes the best IPA you never had.
(the illustration is an artists rendering of one drop of this beer as viewed through a very powerful microscope set at x700)

Main Squeeze

A Poem:

part-hazy ipa
part-dry hopped sour
part-y (in your mouth)


Pale Saint


Once upon a time two chaps who work at Brassneck Brewery, Jeffrey & Nigel found themselves at an illustrious Banquet held by the Chef’s Table Society of British Columbia featuring superstar chef’s from across the land pairing their incredible creations with the finest libations available to mankind.

(Okay, okay, it was actually some food trucks in a parking lot serving some good grub & some decent booze).

Never mind the setting. What is important, is the revelation. Something new on offer. A delicious hybrid beverage combination the world had never before tried: Horchata Cold Brew Coffee! Can you imagine?

It was quite the taste sensation. They were feeling inspired.

“The similarity between Cold Brew Coffee & Stout is striking” Exclaimed Jeffrey.

“What if, just what if…!” mused Nigel “We could find out what it takes to make authentic, great tasting, horchata & combine those ingredients with a delicious stout”??

“Ooooh! Ooooh!” Squealed Jeffrey with excitement “We could use some really interesting specialty malts like rice, wheat & golden oats. That would really make for some unique flavours! And let’s back up the body with a little sweetness…hmmm…THAT’S IT! We’ll add lactose, also known as milk sugar, to give it that creamy satisfying sweetness we experienced with that Horchata Cold Brew. Now if only we knew the key ingredients to a tasty horchata…”.

They set about finding out who was behind this wonderful marriage of deliciousness. It was discovered the good folks over at Kafka’s Cafe on Main Street & the Mexican Maestro’s at local favourite Sal Y Limon had got their noggins together to create this Horchata Cold Brew. They were kind enough to share their recipe secrets, even going so far as make a little cold brew to add for a subtle hint of coffee.

Jeffrey & Nigel returned to the brewery, triumphant with an incredible new beer idea.

“Fantasmagoria” was born. We think it’s gonna be a hit.

(Also, they all lived happily ever after).



As far away from the east coast as possible style west coast IPA. Brewed in commemoration of our three year anniversary in collaboration with the Alibi Room.

It’s a single hopped cloudy fruit bomb using Idaho 7 hops.

Twinkle Toes


Whipper Snapper

In true Brassneck fashion, we readied our English Summer Ale just in time for fall & called it a Golden Ale.

And for arguments sake, let’s just say it’s wimpy.  Wimpy like a scrawny Brit on Brighton beach, skin tinged slightly lobster, spotty handkerchief “hat” firmly knotted in place keeping the ol’ baldy spot from getting too toasty, Lemontop melting, glancing nervously around for the big strapping, rugby playing,  Triple IPA drinking meat head who’s gonna kick sand in his face.

Golden Promise malts, East Kent Golding hops & English Ale yeast combine for truly authentic English-ness. (sorry we can’t quite bring ourselves to serve it warm & flat)

If you don’t like it, don’t blame us, blame the Brits for liking wimpy beer.



Remember that Buzzkill beer? Yeah, that’s right, the one where we isolated wild yeast from the guts of wasps?

Well, one of the yeast strains we ended up with we really liked. (Mostly for the gentle acidity, also known as the Brassneck patented Twang®).

Compared to the much loved “Changeling” series, the Twang® dial has been turned down a little in the Dilettante, so as not to get in the way of those delicious Montmorency cherries.

It is also worth mentioning that this is not a kettle soured beer.

We did a mixed fermentation with a Saison yeast we like for some added je ne sais quoi.

Beer Nerd Alert: if you can tell us the yeast strain we’ll give you free beer for the rest of your life**

Beer Nerd Alert number two: Did we leave the pits in the cherries during fermentation? Answers on a postcard to:

The Brassneck Brewery

2148 Main Street

Vancouver BC

V5T 3C5



**There’s a good chance we may not give you free beer for the rest of your life.


Uncomfortable Silence

Honeymoon Baby


Syntax Error

Syntax Error is a beer we made more different than most.

We didn’t not want the Brett Lambicus to take stage centre here. We really wanted that Brett to be apart of peoples tasting experiences which is almost certainly definately the most best way to enjoy an extremely mellow strong flavoured beer like this type here that we had made for you. Do you not like that beer as much as we feel blessed to be apart of this amazing beer brewing craft scene?

All prices do not include tax.


Sunny Disposition

Brand new Saison for 2016.

This one is single hopped with the fruity, floral, unusually UN-German, German Hop variety called Hallertau Blanc. (full of surprises them Germans…well, this one surprise anyways).

We’re also using a Belgian yeast strain we’ve never used before & just a smidge of lacto culture.

So, light, refreshing, citrus-ee, fruity, floral, dry & just a wee bit tart. That’s what your beer receptors are gonna be experiencing. (If not, there’s a possibility your receptorfiers are broken & you should visit a doctor).

Bivouac Bitter

Our friend Jason went for a walk in the woods this past spring and came by the tasting room hoping to pay for his beer with a big old bag of fresh Douglas Fir tips. We’re not into rushing things here so we carefully freezer-aged the fir tips until we felt that they were frozen to perfection. We brewed up a nice old school bitter with UK malt and East Kent Goldings and we heaved in a ‘schwack of Jason’s fir tips. The resulting beer is infused with gentle, wholesome, foresty goodness. Thanks Jason!

Accidentally On Purpose

The blending of two special yeast strains helps create this beer’s magical fruitiness.

more to follow…

People Person

You know us by now. At Brassneck we like to mind our P’s & Q’s when we come up with new beers. (That’s right, Poundability & Quenchability).
The People Person, whilst still being unique is no exception.
A balancing act of sorts. A delicate interplay between a moderate dose of our house Lacto culture, one of the fruitier wild yeast strains for primary fermentation & dry hopping with two of our favourite hop varieties Mosaic & Amarillo. (a rare treat for us when we can get our bloomin’ hands on them!)
Peachy & tropical on the nose, not too sour, not too bitter…like we said earlier, a balancing act.

Cheeky Bugger

Old School Ordinary Bitter with that classic English hop character brewed in collaboration with Takeshi Guenette.

Are you bored yet?

Good. You`re supposed to be!

Imagine you`ve just eaten a delicious pork pie for lunch, had a bag of salt n vinegar crisps and you`re looking for a nice cheeky brew to wash it all down with.

Well look no further…

Same Brain

Although Burnaby is forever separated from our city by the near-impenetrable ‘Boundary Road’ we’ve discovered that there exists a secret link between the minds of our Conrad Gmoser and Dageraad’s Ben Coli. It’s a bit like that tunnel in the film ‘Being John Malkovich’ but we’re not here to bore you with the details. Having harnessed the hive mind, we created a belgian blonde ale that fuses disparate yeast strains, hops of worlds old and new and voodoo of differing polarities. We hope you find the result agreeable. We agree….  We always do.

Massive Aggressive

Massive Aggressive was brewed to commemorate the Alibi Room’s 600th beer list. It’s our flagship beer, Passive Aggressive, on steroids.


We had one thing on our mind & one thing only when we decided to make this beer.

Yeah, that’s right, you guessed it…


Named after, and brewed in honour of one of our favourite places in town, Bestie!

Fest beers are usually brewed to serve during Oktoberfest. (A.K.A Giant German Party Piss Up with Lederhosen), but we figured what the hell, everyday is party time at Bestie!

We wanted an easy going fest lager that would go great with the Currywurst at Bestie or which could be enjoyed on it’s own for those seeking a beer that’s simple & clean but still has a distinct character.

(just in case you’ve been living in a cave, in the Outer Hebrides for the past coupla years & you don’t know why we keep mentioning this “Bestie” joint, find out more here:

Anyways, this little beauty has had a couple of months to age properly (the technical term for this long lagering process being “Smoothification”) & we’re lovin the result.

Suggested food pairings: Sausages, weiners, hot dogs, and every type of German sausage known to Humankind. See massive list of sausage varietals for details:

Ahle Wurst, Beutelwurst, Bierwurst, Blood tongue, Bockwurst, Braunschweiger, Bregenwurst, Bucyrus Bratwurst, Cervelat, Currywurst, Extrawurst, Frankfurter Rindswurst, Frankfurter Wurstchen, Gelbwurst, Jagdwurst, Kaszanka, Ketwurst, Knackwurst, Knipp, Kochwurst, Kohlwurst, Landjager, Liverwurst, Mettwurst, Nurnberger Bratwurst, Panhas, Pinkel, Regensburger Wurst, Saumagen, Stippgrutze, Teewurst, Thuringer Rotwurst, Thuringian Sausage, Vienna Sausage, Weckewerk, Weisswurst, Westfalische Rinderwurst, Wollwurst.

…and everything on the Bestie Menu of course.


You may be asking the question “Why”?

To which we answer, a soft whisper in your ear as you sleep, disguised as your subconscious, “Why the fuck not?”

Brewed with tons of German Pilsner malt & enough Saphir hops to kill a small horse, the Kontrollfreak somehow maintains that pilsner drinkability whilst weighing in at a hefty 8%. Proceed with caution.

It’s a collaboration of sorts. The swansong of our friend & former head brewer at Steamworks Brewing Company, Caolan Vaughan.

(Just in case you didn’t know Steamwork’s flagship Pilsner, developed by Caolan, is absolutely world class!)

Counter Cultured

Brett primary IPA that abducts your tastbuds & probes your thirst with a medley of late addition hops including citra, amarillo & galaxy.

Fruity hoppy fruity hoppy fruity hoppy fruity hoppy …you get the picture.



Quad Curious

Smokey Belgian Quad – not for the faint of heart or palate.

(*do not operate heavy (or otherwise) machinery after use).

Shin Dig

Unadulterated, golden hued, classic Belgian Tripel.

Short Term Memory

We like our Saisons here at the ol’ Brassneck. They are so versatile with food, yet great on their own, measuring high on the IQU’s (International Quenchifying Units)

We’re also into experimenting with different Saison yeast strains & lacto culture.

This beer is no exception.

A classic Saison malt base, a brand new yeast combination we’ve never tried before, along with the addition of a modest amount of soured wort, give this beer it’s unique flavour. (and just the right amount of Twang!™)

We’re hoping you have a memory like a fish when it comes to this beer becuase we are intent on tweaking & experimenting every time we brew it.


Built with almost entirely German ingredients, the best way we could describe this beer is a “Dark Altbier”.  (A term which would no doubt have most German purists spitting feathers!).

Not unlike a stout, this beer is black in colour, with a bright white head. But instead of the usual heavy malt character of a stout, “Blacklight” has a  light mouth feel, complimented by a pleasing roastiness &  balanced with delicate fruit from the German ale yeast.


Spirit Animal

(This one’s a little on the nerdy side, sorry).

Our strong, malty, Barley Wine is a barrel conditioned blend using 2 wild yeast strains during secondary fermentation:

25 % Brettanomyces Lambicus. (Brett “L”)

75% Brettanomyces Claussenii. (Brett “C”)

It’s 10% a.b.v…..

And 100% Delicious.

Employee of the Month

Chinook is the flavour of the month. We thought we’d see exactly what they bring to the table by brewing a single hop pale ale with them.



Ginger Belle

Brassneck’s take on a ginger beer.

A malty amber base with a Belgian twist is conditioned in the cellar with hundreds of pounds of fresh ginger.

‘Tis the season.

Slow Burn

Nano Batch of experimental strong stout brewed with Cocoa Nibs & Hot Peppers.

Thumb War

Belgian Golden Ale with west coast hops brewed in collaboration with one of Portland’s finest, Breakside Brewing.

Tapster’s Promise

Tapster’s Promise is a nano batch, so tasting room only for this brew.

This English Strong Ale has seen some oak for a good 4-5 months so she’s not shy on whiskey & wood character.

Expect big malt sweetness, balanced with a keen booziness & tons of bourbon character.

We don’t think you’ll be knocking back two or three of these buggers…One should be enough to warm yer cockles on a brisk fall eve.

Toodle Pip.


Thought Crime

A real experiment from the boys in the brewhouse this one.

Based on the almost extinct Lichtenhainer beer style, “Thought Crime” is essentially a combination of Berlinerweisse & Rauchbier. Sour & Smokey, together at last.

There could be a reason this style was on the brink of extinction, we’ll let you be the judge … in fact, no, don’t even try it, you probably won’t like it …



Scenic Route

In the spirit of Halloween we resurrected an old saison we brewed for the first & only time waaaay back in 2014. (We’ve learned a few tricks over the past 4 or 5 years!)
Saison brewed with a blend of Dupont & Blaugies yeast strains & dry hopped with Huell Melon & Meridian.
Pretty strong body (she’s 7%!) with a complex, satisfying fruitiness to back up the ultra dry finish.


Yeah, we know, we’ve got a few pale ales on the go but we really enjoy tweakin’ the recipes & messing around with different hops.

This guy does show similarities to the Passive Aggressive, but we dialed back the booze content with a lighter malt bill. It’s got lots of hop aroma & flavour coming from Amarillo & Citra Hops but it’s not over bearing on the ol’ bitterness.

The Wingman has no intention of stealing the lime light from the Passive Aggressive & is guaranteed to have your back when you need it most.

Dark Place

This Porter has been aged approx 9 months in american oak & fermented with “Brett C”.

The flavour is very unique, almost a little jarring at first with lots happening as the dryness of the porter, the subtle fruitiness of the wild yeast strain, & the sweetness of the american oak all vie for taste bud territory.

But once your receptors adjust & the molecules start to connect on your pallet, its the party of the year and your mouth is the guest of honor.

Use sparingly, it’s a nano batch.

Little Pony

Baby cuz to the One Trick Pony.

Little Pony’s base malt is Pilsner, the single hop will vary just like the O.T.P but this time we’ve dialed everything back bringing it down to a very drinkable 5.0% abv.

It won’t have you doing shirtless totem poles like the One Trick Pony, but it might get you doing cartwheels after your first sip.

Illustration by Post Projects.

Loose Agenda

From the Brassneck Saison range.

Lots of wheat malt to lighten up the body combined with that Dupont yeast strain we like so much.

Friendly ABV’s (just 5%) make this beer a perfect quaffer on those lazy days when your agenda may be a little loose. (if you count drinking beer all day as not quite having your agenda tight).

The Schwartz

The swan song beer of german brewer Robin Bolder, this guy has an obnoxious amount of different malts & a heavy hop hand to boot.

Roasty to the extreme, a real full bodied mouthful with a swift, cleansing dry finish.

She’s a beauty.

Illustration by Post Projects.

Cannon Fodder

It had been nine months & more than 50 different beers brewed, but Cannon Fodder was our first straight up IPA.

Familiar with the Ten Times Ten Pale ale? Well, this Double IPA is kinda like Ten Times Ten Times Ten Times Ten.

The pine forward Centennial Hops take centre stage with a little help from their bud’s Amarillo & Simcoe. Its stronger at 8% with a heavier malt presence to back up the more aggressive hopping.

We really hope you enjoy it.

Illustration by Post Projects.

Old Money

This beer won’t have the Beerazzi foaming at the mouth, but if you’re looking for a straight up brown ale that won’t club you over the head with alcohol, we think we might have just the thing.

Subtle notes of milk chocolate with just a hint of blackcurrant from the addition of Bramling Cross hops.

Relax, it’s a traditional English Mild


We took another fairly straight forward style here & decided to Brassneck it up a tad by giving it a little twist.

Time to get nerdy boys & girls.

Ambiguation is built like a Belgian Wit except we primary ferment with wild Saccharomyces, then we add a modest amount of our house lacto culture for a little acidity.

Lovely subtle citrus notes & just the right amount of twang make Ambiguation a lovely way to spend a summer evening….on Third Beach….at sunset…. skinny dippin’

What? Of course we’re kidding! We would NEVER endorse public nudity whilst drunk on delicious beer!

((send pics to:

Ten Times Ten

The intention here was to recreate the quintessential, slightly butch American Pale Ale with that big piney nose only Centennial Hops can give you. The hops for the current batch were grown by Bredenhof Hop Farms near Abbotsford.

Illustration by Post Projects.

Raspberry Changeling

What’s this “Changeling” all about then?

Well, its kettle soured, like a Berliner Weisse. (We turn the “lactic acid dial” up a few notches on the base beer, so it’s nice & puckerish).

Then, as the name would suggest, we change the fruit we ferment it with.

So far we’ve used Viognier Grapes, Sour Cherry, Raspberry, Peaches, Gerwurztraminer Grapes, Riesling Grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes, Grenache Grapes & Gooseberries.

Mr. Personality

Mr.Personality is another one from our “Meant to be Poundable so Shuddup And Drink” range.

Inspired by the Vienna Lager style, but fermented with a German Kolsch yeast. We just wanted a well made, clean amber ale, with no surprises measuring high on the thirst satisfaction scale.

We’re pretty sure that’s exactly what you get. (and if you don’t get the irony of it being named Mr.Personality, we’ll look forward to your 2 star review on a certain widely used iPhone app that brewers really love to hate 😉

Sticks & Stones

Another from our range of Saisons.

This time the addition of Rye malt & a boost in original gravity gives the beer a full mouth feel. This slightly “chewier” body provides the perfect backbone for the hops & fruity saison yeast to work in unison with.

One Trick Pony

“One Trick Pony” is a strong IPA brewed with Pilsner Malt & a rotating single hop.

We use pilsner malt, so that the malt presence provides a clean slate to showcase the hop variety.

At 9%, we encourage you to not underestimate this mild mannered beast.

Magician’s Assistant

This brew is lacto-soured in the kettle, like a Berlinerweisse. (This was the second beer we tried this technique with).

Then we dry hop with some punchy hops. Nelson Sauvin, Citra & Amarillo are a few that we have used.

Zing! You end up with a real pleasant, thirst quenching, tart little Blonde beer backed up with some big, juicy, fruity hop notes.

Our “Changeling” series is a direct descendant of this experiment.

Magic Beans

Seems that when most breweries make a coffee beer it’s Espresso Stout or Porter.

We wanted to try something a little different. We brewed a base beer deep amber in colour with natural malt sweetness & delicate fruit character. Instead of adding espresso, we “cold brewed” the coffee beans in the beer.

This gave us some wonderful acidity balanced with delicate fruit character rather than the big roasty flavours many of us are accustomed to tasting in other coffee beers.

The final result was a real tribute to the quality of the beans provided by Bows & Arrows Coffee Roasters in Victoria BC & the creativity of our Head Brewer.

**Magic Beans Batch 2 was made with beans from Anchored Coffee (Novia Scotia) & Cold Brew from our friends at Revolver Coffee in Vancouver.

***Magic Beans Batch 3 (first served January 29th, 2015) was made in collaboration with our friends Elysian Coffee.

****Magic Beans Batch 4 was made with Bows & Arrows Coffee Roasters.(So good we had to do it again)

*****Magic Beans Batch 5 was made with JJ Bean Coffee Roasters.


Just like the Germans like things to be. No surprises here. Tradition rules the day on this one.

Lovely, high quality German malts dance in their Lederhosen with assertive hop bitterness.

It’s clean, bright & just a smidge boring (but in a good way) and it could be served in Dusseldorf without shame (apparently).


Built like a lager, but fermented with an ale yeast, our tried & true Kolsch is meant for quenching thirsts, not blowing minds. (unless your mind is blown by the sheer scale of it’s thirst quenchable-ness).

White Noise

Strong Belgian-Style Golden Ale.


Stronger than our “Fall Back” session stout at 6%, the “Killjoy” has some extra body allowing for it’s rich malt character to shine.

Little cousin to the “Inertia” Imperial Stout (9%), you’ll still find notes of coffee, chocolate & roasty goodness, but all just a little more subdued.


Stockholm Syndrome

We kidnapped a Saison, held it hostage for several months in our Foudre, letting it sit & condition on Brettanomyces. The more time passed the more it started to like us. It rewarded us by tasting delicious. Stockholm Syndrome can be a beautiful thing.

Inertia II

Aging our Inertia stout in Barton 1792 barrels just pushes the ISU’s off the charts!!!

(ISU’s ? Oh, International Smooooooooove-ness Units of course).

Seriously though, the barrels round out any rough edges & give the beer more complexity. Coconut, Cherry & oak melds perfectly with the big roast malt, coffee & chocolate character of the base beer. We only brew it a few times per year. Fill yer boots if its pouring!

Spirit of DIXmas

You may or may not know that our brew system was from the legendary brew pub DIX.

Former brewmasters Derrick Franche & Tony Dewald put DIX on the map for its killer IPA.

If you can believe it 20+ years ago, IPA’s really were not that much of a thing here, in Vancouver. It took some big ole hoppy kahounas to brew a bold mega IPA.

We asked them if they would brew the IPA to the original DIX specs, on the original DIX system, here at Brassneck.

They agreed. The beer was awesome. So good in fact, we asked them to brew it every December, cause ya know what?? Traditions are a fine thing.

So, if you need a break from those new fangled, hazy, hoppy-not-hoppy, fruity petuity creations & you crave a little old school bitter blastin for your taste buds, look no further, what you need is a glass of DIX…


Pronounced  ~/chair – rubb – esk //

It’s hard not to toss a few cliches around here, so let’s do it with bells on.

Beer nerds think they can get away with throwing a pair of e’s at the end of their adjectives to describe beers so why the heck can’t we. (After all, we are beer nerds!!)

Bubblegum-ee, Stone Fruit-ee, Raisin-ee, Booze-ee, Chew-ee

We’d describe it as an Abbey Style Ale. We ferment with a mysterious blend of yeast strains to maximize the Belgian-ee-ness, then we hurl in some dark candy sugar to twist up the ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’ knob.

Tastes good. Drink some.


Old Bitch

Classic English malt character, old school hops & an English yeast strain with just the right amount of fruitiness.

A traditional English Bitter brewed by ever-so-slightly jaded 25 year veteran of the BC brewing scene, Shirley Warne.

Don’t mess with an Old Bitch.

Hibiscus Wit

A Classic Belgian Wit. Coriander & orange peel combine with Belgian yeast & wheat malt. (Oh, & we have been known to add hibiscus OR camomile flowers to spice things up a little).


Our Brew Master is as proud of his European heritage as he is his ability to make a killer Hef. We’ve gone for a straight forward,  traditional, unfiltered Bavarian style Hefeweizen with hints of banana, clove & cinnamon.

Illustration by Post Projects.

King Maker

We’ve always wanted to have good quality lagers available at Brassneck. However, due to production restraints and the amount of fermentation time a really great Pilsner deserves, our capabilities to produce this kind of beer have been severely limited. (mostly ’cause you buggers drink the beer so bloody fast!)

This is only the second time we’ve brewed the King Maker, the first time being over a year ago. It’s a special one for us, we hope you like it.

German Pilsner Malts and a healthy dose of Tettnanger hops give this pilsner a distinctly European edge.


This was our first foray into experimenting with what we call “Turbo Sours”.

Very much like a Berlinerweisse, the TizzWozz is kettle soured, giving it a gentle acidity.

This version was unadulterated but we got these huge grape notes. This influenced our decision to add Nelson Sauvin hops to the next batch to really accentuate that vinous character.

TizzWozz became the Magicians Assistant which became the Changeling.

Bloody complicated isn’t it??

Fall Back

A thirst quenching stout? Yup.

Don’t be deceived by the darkness. The Fall Back has those lovely roasty flavours you expect to find in a stout, but the lighter body means your pallet gets a brisk, dry sweep after every sip.

Have a couple at lunchtime & still be productive in the afternoon. (Approx twice as productive).

Identity Crisis

Another one measuring high on the Brassneck patented Pound-O-Meter.

A straight forward pale ale base fermented with Ardennes yeast. We usually use a nice floral European hop such as German Saphir to complement the herbal esters the yeast produces.

Warning! This beer is totally for the faint hearted.

Barn Burner

The Barn Burner is a Saison with a difference.

The addition of roast malts increases the acidity giving a nice little twang to the finish. The grist includes a smattering of star anise for that, ‘ow you say, “Je ne sais quoi”???

The dark appearance messes with your mind a little too.

Not everyone’s cuppa tea, but those that like it do so with bells on.

Joe’s Barn

A traditional style Saison.

Think “pears poached in white wine” for flavour profile.

Side note: You’ll find pieces of our friend Joe’s barn all around you when sitting in the tasting room.

The Geezer

As is the case with so many beers out there in the world, it’s got a cool name so it must be delicious. Right??

Our Porter breaks the mold by being a little on the hoppier side. We use Bramling Cross hops, an English variety known for their subtle black currant notes.

The hops play nice with the roasted malt for a pronounced, lingering bitterness…

If ye like vat sorta fing, innit! (in typical “cockney bad guy from a movie” accent).

Free Radical

Our interpretation of the White IPA.

Pilsner Malt, Wheat Malt, Belgian Yeast, Secrets, Magic & rotating hops combine to create a lovely balance of flavours that seems to satisfy everybody from the hardest to please hop head to the not so fussy newbie.

Brassneck Ale

Our most simple beer, yet the one we agonize over the most.

English malts combine with the classic Cascade hop to create, what we hope will be your favourite, fridge filling “Welcome Home” beer.


Once again our Head Brewer showing his aptitude for creating strong, flavourful beers without making them undrinkable.

As with most Imperial Stouts BIG roasty flavours of coffee & chocolate prevail with a little hint of licorice.

Ours has a lovely dry finish putting all those big flavours in harmony.

Passive Aggressive

This was the first beer Conrad test brewed in his shed.

“That’s it” we said.

This was the first beer we brewed at Brassneck.

A bright Pale Ale with a strong hop backbone. The ever so slightly sweet malt character plays second fiddle to the punchy hops. Somewhere between a pale & an IPA, Passive Aggressive has become our flagship.

This, along with the Brassneck Ale are the only two beers we (almost) always have. (Everything else rotates).


A riff on the Hefeweizen style, Brassneck “Multiweizen” is made with 5 grains. Rye, Wheat, Barley, Oats & Corn.

We open ferment with a nice authentic hef yeast. The open fermentation allows the yeast to go bonkers, producing all kinds of fruity esters.

The combination of the fruitiness, gentle cinnamon & clove characteristics of the yeast with the natural sweetness & body of the malts, gives this beer a creamy mouth feel & unique complexity.

Not the most widely loved beer we produce, but one we are particularly fond & proud of.

Small Wonder

We want to offer a full range of Saisons at Brassneck.

The Small Wonder is the lightest Saison we produce.

The intention with this beer is for the big fruity esters & thirst quenching dryness of the Saison Dupont yeast to shine through a very light base beer of Pilsner Malts & some classic, German bittering hops.

Pairs well with good friends & good grub.


Blichmanns Finger

From our “Don’t Think Too Hard, Just Drink, It’s A Bloody Golden Ale” series, the Blichmann’s Finger has arrived.

English malts (Golden Promise), Belgian “Ardennes” Yeast & usually Australian or New Zealand hops make up the genetics of this beer.

Story time!

You may have noticed our custom growler fillers out front utilizing the “Blichmann Gun”. A home brewer’s tool used for bottling.

Well, not too long after we opened Brassneck, due to copious amounts of growler filling we all started to suffer symptoms of something we coined “Blichmann’s Finger”. A painless, yet awkward condition whereby the fingers retreat into unstraightenable (we know that’s not a real word) curly little digits. Only by drinking a Brew Master recommended dose of 64 Fluid Ounces per day of his Golden Ale could the affliction be cured, & the fingers once again be straight.

Hence the name “Blichmann’s Finger”.

No Brainer

This one of our faves.

Mostly because we rarely have the fermentation room to brew it because it takes 8-10 weeks.

It’s a simple, satisfying beer. The kind beer nerds don’t really understand.

“Why is my tongue not disintegrating under the intense power of the IBU’s?”

“Why is it so pale, I can like, see through it & stuff?!”

No Brainer, is, -ahem- well, its a no bloody brainer isn’t it!

If you’re thirsty, don’t pour yourself a glass of water, have one of these instead. We think you’ll enjoy the results.


Collaboration Brew – friends don’t let friends

“Friends don’t let friends”
Dessert sour with blackberries and ruhbarb. Done with our buddies at Luppulo!
June 2018

“MConrad vs Cowboy Dan”

Fresh hopped Belgian Pale Ale brewed in Collaboration with Cowboy Dan, assistant brewer at Parallel 49 Brewing.

“Attention Seeker”

Session CDA brewed with Ben Love of Gigantic Brewing.

“Young Bastard”

English Mild brewed with Takeshi of Steamworks Brew Pub

“Cold War”

Barrel Aged Baltic Porter brewed with Brent Mills of Four Winds Brewing.

“Fire Walker”

Smoked Porter Brewed with Cailen of  Steamworks Brewing.

“Cereal Killa”

Captain Crunch Stout brewed with Graham With of Parallel 49.


Brewed with Ben of Occidental Brewing.


Brewed in collaboration with the BC Beer Awards & VanBrewers.

“Scott’s Brown”

Brown Porter brewed by Scott Butchart in collaboration with VanBrewers.