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Margarita Monday


Spatial Awareness

Laissez Faire


Jiggery Pokery

The Weather In Space

Soft Water City

Chufty Badge

Stealth Mode


When Life Gives You Yuzus

Willful Suspension

Zero Visibility

Bjørn Like This


De La Twang

Collab with the lovely fellas from Ile Sauvage, in Victoria. Dry Hopped Sour using Ile Sauvage lacto.

note to self

Made this hazy with overly generous additions of SABRO hops for that delicate coconutty feeling.


Show your thirst who’s in control with our super quaffable, zesty Gose.

Joe’s Ukulele

You’re Amazing. No, You’re Amazing.

Tart Passionfruit Wild Ale brewed with our good friends Luppolo Brewing


Raspberry Changeling

Flute Solo

Where’s The Remote?

Rosé Changeling

Tamarind Man

Earthshine Refractor

Peel Sessions

Experimental hazy with Orange Peel

Five O’Clock Shadow

Toasty, Roasty, Silky Oatmeal Stout

The Normalizer

Fermented cold & very slow, this lager is brewed using specialty Pilsner, Vienna, Munich & Rye Malts of the highest quality generously hopped with Hallertau Mittelfruh.

Alles Klar?

Classic Helles with a subtle twist – a very light dose of dry hopping with Mandarina Bavaria.

Pinky Promise

Delicious strong Saison brewed at Brassneck with our good friends from the much revered, impossible to imitate, Dageraad brewing. We added some Sumac & Pink Peppercorns to accentuate naturally occurring Saison-y goodness.


Super Ultra Mega Dry IPA brewed with a heavy hand during dry hopping.


Mixed culture, aged Brett Saison.

Red Currant Changling

We use the same base beer as all the changelings. We used red currants from the Fraser Valley. Get it, changeling!…(Cuz we change the fruit up a lot.)

Friends Don’t Let Friends

Dessert Sour with Rhubarb, Blackberries, Lactose & Vanilla.


Dry Hopped Sour with Citra & Galaxy hops


Berliner Weisse

Faux Naive

Our first experiment using a custom yeast blend from Bootleg Biology – (google it if you wanna nerd out. they do cool stuff!!) & a true mixed fermentation creation. Tart, citrus-y & funktastic with a solid level of twang.

Double Negative

It’s not not a double IPA.

Silent Treatment

Classic style brewed with quality malts, fermented with lager yeast at ale-ish temperatures for a longer time than an ale, but for a shorter time than a lager. Clean, malty, a wee bit fruity & nice n dry.

The Once-Ler

SMaSH Farmhouse ale with golden Promise and El Dorado hops.

Inertia III

This time we took our imperial stout & aged it in Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrels. We love how it turned out. Hope you do too.

Joe’s Banjo

Tart saison. It’s a riff on Joe’s Barn. True mixed fermentation beer with lacto & brett. Twang-a-lang-lang…-lang-lang…lang-lang…laaaaaaaang, Twang-a-lang-lang…-lang-lang…lang-lang…laaaaaaaang – (think Deliverance) Tarter & Twangier than a twangy tart thing on international tart things are twangier today day.

Field House x Brassneck Collab

Main Squeeze

A Poem: part-witbier part-hazy ipa part-dry hopped sour part-gose part-y (in your mouth) End.

Pale Saint


As far away from the east coast as possible style west coast IPA. Brewed in commemoration of our three year anniversary in collaboration with the Alibi Room. It’s a single hopped cloudy fruit bomb using Idaho 7 hops.

Twinkle Toes



Uncomfortable Silence

Honeymoon Baby



Accidentally On Purpose

The blending of two special yeast strains helps create this beer’s magical fruitiness. more to follow…

Massive Aggressive

Massive Aggressive was brewed to commemorate the Alibi Room’s 600th beer list. It’s our flagship beer, Passive Aggressive, on steroids.

Counter Cultured

Brett primary IPA that abducts your tastbuds & probes your thirst with a medley of late addition hops including citra, amarillo & galaxy. Fruity hoppy fruity hoppy fruity hoppy fruity hoppy …you get the picture.    

Quad Curious

Smokey Belgian Quad – not for the faint of heart or palate. (*do not operate heavy (or otherwise) machinery after use).

Shin Dig

Unadulterated, golden hued, classic Belgian Tripel.

Employee of the Month

Strata is the flavour of the month. We thought we’d see exactly what they bring to the table by brewing a single hop pale ale with them.    

Ginger Belle

Brassneck’s take on a ginger beer. A malty amber base with a Belgian twist is conditioned in the cellar with hundreds of pounds of fresh ginger. ‘Tis the season.

Slow Burn

Nano Batch of experimental strong stout brewed with Cocoa Nibs & Hot Peppers.

Thumb War

Belgian Golden Ale with west coast hops brewed in collaboration with one of Portland’s finest, Breakside Brewing.


Built like a lager, but fermented with an ale yeast, our tried & true Kolsch is meant for quenching thirsts, not blowing minds. (unless your mind is blown by the sheer scale of it’s thirst quenchable-ness).

White Noise

Strong Belgian-Style Golden Ale.

Hibiscus Wit

A Classic Belgian Wit. Coriander & orange peel combine with Belgian yeast & wheat malt. (Oh, & we have been known to add hibiscus OR camomile flowers to spice things up a little).

Joe’s Barn

A traditional style Saison. Think “pears poached in white wine” for flavour profile. Side note: You’ll find pieces of our friend Joe’s barn all around you when sitting in the tasting room.

Brassneck Ale

Our most simple beer, yet the one we agonize over the most. English malts combine with the classic Cascade hop to create, what we hope will be your favourite, fridge filling “Welcome Home” beer.